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G. Cravero since 1855

The Cravero family has been selecting and maturing only the best Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano wheels for five generations.

The quality of these products comes from rigorous selection and absolute respect for traditional methods of maturing. All this knowledge has been handed down from fathers to sons and the company name is now well known both at home and abroad.
The family prides itself for its dedication to this craft. Slow patient gestures bring out the complete quality of the cheese.

Giorgio Cravero, with the support and the valuable experience of his father Giacomo, chooses the cheese wheels directly from the producers, picking out the best ones and then devoting attention to the maturing stage.

The cheese matures naturally in a constant-temperature environment. Attentive monitoring produces a finished product which is a work of art of Italian tradition.
Cheese slices G. Cravero on "Cheese Slices" dvd

Cheese slices is a series on australian tv, also available on dvd, about international artisan and farmhouse cheeses. The series is presented by Will Studd, master of cheese.

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